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Membership Details
Institute for Meridian Psychotherapy and Associated Complementary Therapies (Inst. M. P.) - established 2003

The Institute for Meridian Psychotherapy has been under new management since April 2011

We have incorporated the following associations:

  • Guild of Metaphysical and Spiritual Counsellors (est. 2008) (also known as the International Institute of Metaphysical Counselling and Coaching).

  • International Association for Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Previous members of those bodies are invited to contact us.

General enquiries about membership can be made to  . If you are not sure whether you are eligible, please include a CV/resume and details of all the therapies you practice and trainings you have had.


Membership is organised into LEVELS and DIVISIONS.  Levels are grades of membership. Divisions are groups of therapies that members practise.

For a limited period, we are offering LIFETIME* membership to fully qualified persons for a single fee - no annual renewals! 

* Lifetime refers to the lifetime of the organisation


  • International applicants welcome
  • Single fee for full membership - no annual renewals
  • Certificate of membership suitable for framing (issued for Licentiate level or above)
  • Duplicate certificates available at small fee if you have more than one practice
  • Use of  Institute initials
  • Use of institute "Phoenix" logo - a special members' badge is under construction ( for use by Licentiate members or above on websites etc.)
  • Code of ethics provides framework for professional responsibility
  • Discounts on selected Inst.M.P. approved and/or accredited courses, and on other professional development products/certifications from time to time
  • Insurance available (subject to acceptance) from our recommended insurance intermediary (UK only)
  • Your practice details on our website (under construction)
  • Email newsletter for members only (starting soon)
  • A full web page on our site with your photo and all your details for an annual fee - useful if you do not have your own website
  • Other benefits, and special qualifications only available to members, to be announced in due course


LEVELS are as follows:

Student: (no membership initials)

Requirement for student membership:  Enrolment on a course approved or accredited by Inst.M.P. 

Student fees: Waived (free) for students on UK College of Holistic Training courses.
GBP 25 (25 Pounds Sterling) per year for students on other courses (unless another arrangement exists).

Licentiate Member: (Lic.Inst.M.P.)  For a limited period there will be a single fee of GBP 75 (75 Pounds Sterling) for Lifetime Licentiate Membership.

Requirement for Licentiate membership: Completion of an accredited practitioner course accredited by the Inst.M.P., or other practitioner qualifications accepted by the Institute for membership purposes.  Applicants who do not hold Inst.M.P.-accredited qualifications will be considered on a case by case basis.

Fellow: (F.Inst.M.P.)  For a limited period there will be a single fee of GBP 75 (75 Pounds Sterling) for Lifetime Fellowship.

Requirements for fellowship: Same as for Licentiateship except that the applicant will also hold a university degree and have at least three years' experience in the practice of his/her particular therapy.

Honorary Fellow: (Hon.F.Inst.M.P.) Honorary fellowship may be granted free of charge to persons who have rendered valuable business or professional assistance to the Institute. Such persons need not be therapists. Honorary fellowship is by invitation only.

Legacy: (Initials of previous body now incorporated into Inst.M.P. - either membership of WGMSC/IIMCC or membership of IADCH)   Members who were granted life membership/fellowship of WGMSC/IIMCC/IADCH may continue to use those initials and their original level of membership free of charge, and will be known for Institute purposes as legacy members or fellows.  If they wish to convert to Inst.M.P. membership, a fee will be charged. Please contact us if this applies to you. (The word "legacy" comes from its use in IT, and is for admin use only - it is not part of the membership title.)

Membership Levels are subject to change as our reorganisation continues, if new levels are desirable to cater for particular membership needs.


Divisions are groups of therapies or services that members offer.  The full name of the Institute is the Institute for Meridian Psychotherapy and Associated Complementary Therapies.  In our website header we list the following:  Meridian Psychotherapy / Energy Psychology / Meridian Tapping / Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) / Counselling / Hypnotherapy / Regression Therapy/  Transpersonal Therapy / Stress Management  / Energy Therapies & related therapeutic & healing modalities .

Divisions are recorded for administrative purposes but will not appear as part of member's details on the register sections of the website. Instead, the exact therapies being offered will appear.

The DIVISIONS at present are as follows (these may be extended from time to time as needs arise):

  • MERIDIAN THERAPIES: including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Meridian Psychotherapy, Meridian Tapping, Meridian Energy Therapy, Energy Psychology and any other therapy that makes use of tapping (acupressure) on meridian points (acupuncture point or acupoint tapping using the fingers).
  • ENERGY HEALING THERAPIES such as Usui Reiki and other forms of Reiki, various forms of Chakra and Aura Healing, and so on.
  • COUNSELLING , PSYCHOTHERAPY AND STRESS MANAGEMENT: There are hundreds of styles of counselling and psychotherapy being taught and practised, with many schools and therapists taking an integrated or eclectic approach.
  • HYPNOTHERAPY, CLINICAL HYPNOSIS  including Ericksonian hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis (Analytical Hypnotherapy or Psychoanalytic Hypnotherapy) and Past Life Regression Therapy.
  • LIFE AND PERSONAL COACHING AND STRESS MANAGEMENT: Many styles of Life Coaching are practised, some of which overlap with counselling, NLP, hypnotherapy and energy therapy techniques. This category also includes Stress Management.
  • NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) AND NLP-BASED TIME THERAPY TECHNIQUES: These methods are frequently combined with coaching, hypnotherapy and energy techniques.
  • SPIRITUAL, TRANSPERSONAL and INTUITIVE THERAPIES which may include the psychotherapeutic (not predictive, but perhaps archetypal) use of such tools as Tarot. Shamanic counselling would fit into this category.
  • OTHER COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES for which membership of the Institute is approved from time to time. Enquiries are invited from practitioners of therapies not mentioned above.
  • METAPHYSICAL OR INTUITIVE ARTS practised by members of the original WGMSC/IIMCC but which are not considered types of counselling, psychotherapy or emotional therapy. In order to upgrade their membership to Licentiate membership of the Inst.M.P., practitioners of such services will need to produce qualifications in counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP or one of the meridian (tapping) therapies or energy therapies.


Members will be entitled to apply for Certified Practitioner certificates within their particular Division or closely related ones.  This arrangement will suit those Members who are professionally qualified, and have expertise without formal certification in a certain specialist area.  For example, a qualified hypnotherapist who has professional knowledge of and sound experience in past life regression hypnotherapy, but no specific paper qualification in that discipline, may apply for a Certified Practitioner certificate in Past Life Regression Therapy on the basis of verifiable prior learning and presented case studies.  The Certified Practitioner qualifications are not academic qualifications but indications of professional recognition by the Institute. However the Institute reserves the right to ask for completion of some academic tasks or other assignments if it is felt that the member's knowledge is insufficient for Certified Practitioner status. Fees will be payable for Certified Practitioner qualifications.


A link to the application form in .doc format is given below:

Membership form in .doc format

Instructions on how to submit the application are given in the document.

Payment of membership fees:

When your application is approved, we will ask you to pay the fees (if applicable). We prefer payment by PayPal, Google Checkout or bank transfer.

          To see the equivalent of Pounds Sterling in your own currency please see



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