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About the Institute for Meridian Psychotherapy and Associated Complementary Therapies (Inst. M. P.) - established 2003

A professional association for the independent integrative practitioner

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS for limited period - no annual renewal fees

International applicants welcome

Since April 2011 The Institute for Meridian Psychotherapy has been under new management .

The following information was updated in June 2011 - our website development is still in progress.

The Inst.M.P. was founded by Antony J Edwards, ND, MD(MA) Psychotherapy, MA, PhD, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and Fellow of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy, in Colchester, Essex, UK, in 2003. Antony Edwards is a well-known practitioner and trainer of  Hypnotherapy, Meridian Psychotherapy, Past Life Therapy, and other complementary therapies.

The original mission statement of the Institute declared:

"The Institute was formed in 2003 in order to bring together those complementary practitioners interested in integrating training in Meridian Energy Techniques with Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Counselling."

This mission statement remains the basis of the Institute's activities, which have broadened in scope to accommodate a wider range of energy therapeutic and healing modalities.

Another main strand of the Institute's services is the fostering of education in complementary therapies. Originally a range of courses was offered directly by the Institute, under its remit to "support the teaching, examining, promotion, and practice registration of practitioners of the integrated therapies of Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis and Energy Therapies."

Under the new structure, the Institute no longer offers its own courses but accredits and/or approves courses run by several complementary therapy schools, including those run by the President Emeritus,  and the current Director of Studies and Membership Services.

Antony Edwards retired from active involvement in the Institute's management in April 2011, and is honoured as its Founder and President Emeritus. He has kindly given permission for the Institute to continue to use his Family Coat of Arms on the Inst.M.P.'s membership certificates.

Our current Director of Studies and Membership Services, Morris Berg, joined the Institute and became a Life Fellow in 2009.  Morris Berg subsequently applied for the accreditation of one of the courses he runs by the Inst.M.P.  That accreditation was granted. Then the opportunity arose for the Institute to change hands and it was acquired by Morris Berg in 2011.

Morris Berg is a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, life coach and educator.  Morris holds a UK accredited honours degree in Psychology, and higher degrees in hypnotherapy, psychology and comparative religion from non-traditional universities in USA, Ireland and the West Indies. Morris holds a number of qualifications in Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP, Meridian Psychotherapy, EFT and other complementary therapies, incuding the Institute's Master Practitioner of EFT qualification. He is a Member and/or Fellow of several professional societies in the UK and USA.


The Inst.M.P. is unlike other societies linked to a school through common ownership. The Institute has incorporated two other associations and will consider applications from people trained at other schools. Various divisions are being set up enabling the Institute to have members practising a wide range of therapies. At least one other major UK distance learning complementary medicine college recommends its students to the Institute under a pre-existing agreement.

The Institute now incorporates the World Guild of Metaphysical and Spiritual Counsellors (est. 2008) (also known as the International Institute of Metaphysical Counselling and Coaching).  All members of Inst.M.P. and WGMSC/IIMCC will be contacted in due course about the updates.

The Institute also incorporates The International Association for Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy (IADCH). The IADCH was founded by Dr Tracie O'Keefe, DCH, ND, in London and then run from Australia for some years.  The IADCH became dormant and the name was acquired by Morris Berg, who was an original IADCH member.  Previous IADCH members will be entitled to apply for Inst.M.P. membership. 

The Institute encourages its members to join or to maintain their membership of other professional societies, as professionalism in the complementary fields is increased by demonstrating multiple forms of acceptance. We do not seek to be one of the biggest or a monolithic single-therapy body; instead we seek to cater for therapists with multiple professional interests, or for those who seek an association with a different, more accepting ambience than some of the big therapy bodies. 

Distance learning has been, since its inception, a key training route of the Institute. It continues to support distance learning schools, and has an open attitude towards non-traditional distance learning degrees, which are held or sought by many complementary practitioners. Applications for membership will be considered on their merits as people will have qualified via a wide diversity of routes.

Please take note that the Institute is in no way liable or responsible for the actions of its graduates or registrants.

Please note that neither Antony Edwards nor Morris Berg are medical doctors - they are complementary therapists holding British qualifications plus non-UK doctoral degrees in complementary fields.

Igne Natura Renovatur Integra:
the motto of the Inst.M.P.

Igne Natura Renovatur Integra has been the motto of the Inst.M.P. since it was founded. Historically, it was an aphorism used by the alchemists, and translates as "All Nature Will Be Renewed By Fire."  C G Jung discovered that the symbols and images used by the alchemists in their  efforts to transform physical matter paralleled the symbols and archetypes of transformation of the psyche.

The motto has been used over the centuries by various esoteric groups. Now that esoteric knowledge is largely no longer secret, and modern knowledge of energy therapy has given us a new understanding of the metaphor of "fire" as light/energy/chi,  we can propose a modern interpretation of the motto as:

Through freely flowing energy, our true essence is revealed.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other."
C G Jung, On the Psychology of the Unconscious













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